AIPC season opens to works in progress on and off the field

WHILE major renovations are progressing well at the All Ireland Polo Club’s historic Pavilion, the 4 Goal Stuarts Trophy and the 0 Goal Stanley Corcoran Cup opened the new season of tournaments in Phoenix Park, Dublin Ireland.
Polo Wicklow will host the opening tournaments of the 2024 season in the all-weather arena and the grass field

It was a work in progress for Tyrone (pictured: Dan Laverty) as the team accumulated goals to win by just one against Glenpatrick (pictured) and LHK Insurance

Tyrone’s Eamonn Laverty, the lately arrived Tommy Diaz, Dan Laverty and John Corbett came from behind to win with 14 goals scored, being the only team to lose just one of their matches against LHK Insurance (13 goals) and Glenpatrick (13 goals) in a cumulative round-robin of two days (8-9 June).

Training Award recipient Kristina White at the 2022 awards ceremony, presented by James Kennedy of the IPF

The Stuarts Trophy, Stanley Corcoran Cup and an array of prizes give a glimpse of the newly renovated bar at the All Ireland Polo Club

Eamonn Laverty, who later at the prize presentations on Sunday 9 June thanked participating teams and said: “The bar and the clubhouse weren’t just the way we wanted it, but we are working hard at it. It will be completed in the next few weeks, all going well.”

The 2024 season will open with the Novice Cup in the arena at Polo Wicklow

Retired polo player and renowned commentator Lar Sheeran, applying sound knowledge to rigging up the old Tannoy while renovations are carried out at the All Ireland Polo Club

The newly named and sponsored One for the Road team (formerly known as Killenagh) swept through Sixt’s defensive lines across two days of accumulated goals to add one more tournament win ahead of Sixt, One for the Road earning 12 goals and Sixt, 6 goals.

The 2024 season will open with the Novice Cup in the arena at Polo Wicklow

Tyrone’s Tommy Diaz (l-r), Dan Laverty, John Corbett and Eamonn Laverty were presented with the Stuarts Trophy for their 4 Goal win by the AIPC President’s wife, Mary Laverty

The 2024 season will open with the Novice Cup in the arena at Polo Wicklow

AIPC Polo Manager David Stone with the 0 Goal winners for the Stanley Corcoran Cup (l-r), Tom Small, Sinead Doyle, Jennifer Doyle and Kieran “Bottle” Doyle of One for the Road, the trophy presented by the club president’s wife, Mary Laverty

Article by Kim Mullahey

Image credits: Kim Mullahey

NIPC 4 Goal, 0 Goal -2 Goal

NIPC 4 Goal, 0 Goal -2 Goal

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