NIPC 4 Goal, 0 Goal -2 Goal

Tyrone continued their 4 Goal winning streak last weekend (Saturday-Sunday 22- 23 June) at the Northern Ireland Polo Club in Tyrella for the Belfast Cup, beating out Glenpatrick on an accumulated scoreline of 12 goals to 6. Tyrone had in the previous weekend beaten out Glenpatrick for the Stuarts Cup at the AIPC in Phoenix Park, Dublin Ireland. The Glenpatrick Cup in the 0 Goal tournament went to Sixt on 11 goals accumulated to 8 from Suitor Autofix and 3 from Knockdroma.
Polo Wicklow will host the opening tournaments of the 2024 season in the all-weather arena and the grass field

Tyrone continued their 4 Goal winning streak

Article by Kim Mullahey

Image credits: Kim Mullahey

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