Sixt romps to Bunclody Cup win in Wexford season opener

THE Sixt team that has been put together this season looks set to do great things, following back to back tournament appearances in Bishopland, County Kildare and just last weekend (Saturday-Sunday 1-2 June), at Bunclody in Wexford.
Polo Wicklow will host the opening tournaments of the 2024 season in the all-weather arena and the grass field

Sixt’s Ian McCulla (l-r), Mark Stone, David Stone and Santiago Gaviria were presented with the Bunclody Cup by Bunclody Polo Club Chairman Kieran “Bottle” Doyle after winning the 0 Goal final

At the Mick Murphy Perpetual Plate outing just under a fortnight ago, Ian McCulla’s band of Sixt came within a goal of reckoning a win on cumulative goals: this time at the Bunclody Polo Club 0 Goal, the scorelines were nothing short of a romp to win the Bunclody Cup. McCulla has put together a crack team that includes David Stone, Mark Stone and Santiago Gaviria, and it will be interesting to see if Sixt holds the line in upcoming tournaments or falls under the almost inevitable roster changes.

Training Award recipient Kristina White at the 2022 awards ceremony, presented by James Kennedy of the IPF

Rits’s Balal Noone is on his own as Sixt surrounds him in the final for the Bunclody Cup in Wexford

Facing Killenagh first in the qualifiers, Sixt gave up 7 goals and earned 10 while Rits, led by Sean Reynolds held on for their win over Kildare with a scoreline of 7-6.5 and the romp to the final was on.

The 2024 season will open with the Novice Cup in the arena at Polo Wicklow

Sixt from left to right; Ian McCulla, Mark Stone, David Stone and Santiago Gaviria teams up to go after the ball in the final for the Bunclody Cup in Wexford

In four chukkas Sixt showed just what their team lineout could be this season, pulling well ahead by halftime and continuing their romp through the second half, delivering a scoreline of 6-1 against Rits, that one goal earned in a rally in the final chukka.
Killenagh (Mick Murphy Plate winners at Bishopland) dominated their subsidiary final against Kildare, giving up just 3.5 goals while contributing 8 for the win.

The 2024 season will open with the Novice Cup in the arena at Polo Wicklow

The Rits team (runners up in the Bunclody Cup final l-r), Nick Murphy, Sean Reynolds, Jennifer Healy and Bilal Noone with Bunclody Polo Club chairman Kieran “Bottle” Doyle

Article by Kim Mullahey

Image credits: Kim Mullahey

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