Mick Murphy Perpetual Plate at Bishopland Polo Club

“We were robbed”, said one among the Sixt team helmed by Ian McCulla when the final round-robin scoreline was revealed after two days (Saturday-Sunday 25-26 May) at Bishopland Polo Club in County Kildare: they graciously stepped aside though to be named as runners up when the recalculated scoreline tallied at 6 for Sixt, making the clear winners Killenagh from County Wexford by one goal while Bishopland delivered 2.
Polo Wicklow will host the opening tournaments of the 2024 season in the all-weather arena and the grass field

Kieran ‘Bottle’ Doyle for Killenagh (centre) was on the ball after whacking it high overhead of Sixt’s Mark Stone and David Stone. Bottle was backed up in the play by Tom Small and Jennifer Doyle.

The Mick Murphy Perpetual Plate was presented in his memory by his widow, Philomena Murphy on behalf of the pub he founded back in 1968. The pub is a well known hot spot for locals as well as its sessions, organised by professional and amateur musicians from around the country.

Training Award recipient Kristina White at the 2022 awards ceremony, presented by James Kennedy of the IPF

The Mick Murphy Perpetual Plate, presented by Philomena Murphy to
Killenagh’s Tom Small (l-r), Jennifer Doyle, Sinead Doyle and Bottle Doyle at
Bishopland Polo Club.

The round-robin or ‘American Tournament’ is limited to just three teams and generally based on accumulated goals, acquired from the opening throw-in to the final bell.

The 2024 season will open with the Novice Cup in the arena at Polo Wicklow

Runners up in the Mick Murphy Perpetual Plate tournament and pictured with Philomena Murphy are Santiago Gaviria (l-r), Mark Stone, Ian McCulla and David Stone for Sixt.

Article by Kim Mullahey

Image credits: Kim Mullahey

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